East Cobb Cityhood


  • Create representation that is proportionate to population
  • Create a politically accountable governing body for East Cobb
  • Improve police, fire services, zoning and enforcement services
  • Redirect existing revenues generated from the local residents to directly support local services.
  • Give a community control over land use planning
  • Enhanced road maintenance
  • Pursue local policy goals more appropriate for the community
  • Create and preserve local identity
  • Prevent forced annexation by nearby municipalities
  • Address dissatisfaction with current services provided by the county government.


Current city boundary is the northern portion of Cobb County District 2, as defined by the state legislature, starting above the Wildwood office park, Cumberland CID, and excludes any portion of the incorporated portion of the City of Marietta. Click here for detailed map.


  • A government closer to the people and more responsive to their needs. Currently a Cobb county commissioner represents approximately 150,000 people and 54 sq. miles. A city of approximately  90,000 residents could potentially have 6-8 person city council, who live in the community and represent fewer citizens.
  • More control over land use (zoning) and development to decide on things like new subdivisions, teardowns, construction, strips malls and other uses.
  • Mechanism to revitalize residential and commercial areas.
  • Tax equity. More local dollars spent locally.
  • Improved community identity.
  • Advocates – elected officials and city staff — to improve quality of life.


  • Requires a tremendous volunteer movement and popular support.
  • Must provide evidence to state legislature of financial feasibility, by funding a professional study.
  • No action leaves unincorporated area as is.
  • County is currently experienced in providing services and new city would lack experience.
  • Without infrastructure, city would have to hire 3rd party, as Sandy Springs did, to take over services.


  • No changes to schools or districts, students in the city continue to go to Cobb’s highly-rated public schools
  • When the city is chartered, neighborhoods in unincorporated areas could petition to join.
  • Enhanced Police, Fire, and EMS protection
  • No new taxes, even though a city resident is also a Cobb county resident.
  • No additional sales tax
  • All public votes align with federal/state elections. 
  • The new city begins its first year with a substantial revenue surplus, even with one-time start-up costs. It would be up to the city’s elected representatives how to budget and spend.
  • City government would have an elected Mayor, elected Council, and appointed City Manager.
  • Existing East Cobb Government Center can be transferred to city.
    • (Cost to transfer to city = $5K)
  • Sanitation Services, including enhanced collection services for yard waste and large waste, after three years of successful operation.
  • Enhanced park services, after three years of successful operation.
  • Canopy ordinance, to preserve our city in the forest.


We invite you to meet the individuals dedicated to the proposed Cityhood of East Cobb. While each member has his or her own diverse background and story, each share a common goal: To listen and learn from YOU; And to give YOU a stronger voice. If you would like to lend your time or advice, additional steering committee members, as well as advisory subcommittee members, are needed. Current members include.

  • David Birdwell
  • Owen Brown
  • Rob Eble
  • Dee Gay
  • Joe Gavalis
  • Karan Hallacy
  • David Womack
  • Chip Patterson
  • Jerry Quan
  • Carolyn Roddy
  • John Woods
  • Lisa Hanson


The committee has expanded and will continue.  We have representation from all areas of the city, we are looking reach out to HOA’s, civic groups, business association, senior meetings, YMCA.

Please volunteer, to help improve your community. Share with us the direction you’d like to see.

Your neighborhood

Your dollars – Your vote

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